HiveTree welcomes Marginal Gains to their brand new office in Newcastle

HiveTree welcomes Marginal Gains to their brand new office in Newcastle

Marginal Gains are the latest tenant to join HiveTree. After searching around the city, they are happy to have secured their brand new bespoke office.

Marginal Gains are the UK’s only referral based utility specialists. They help businesses and commercial organisations save money on their bills. Specialising in utilities, merchant services and electric vehicle charging points. Marginal Gains focus on providing a quality service, and pride themselves on the relationships that they build with their clients. They required a vibrant and inspiring new office in Newcastle to expand their operations.

Lead by Managing Director Keith Atkinson, Marginal Gains have quickly established themselves. This has has made them a force to be reckoned with in the industry. They have big plans for the future. Keith tells us: “We absolutely love our new office space. It’s a great place to work, and it’s in the perfect location, especially now we’re growing the team.”

“HiveTree came to us at exactly the right time. We needed a new base, but we didn’t just want any boring old office in Newcastle. The office perfectly matched the Marginal Gains branding. It felt fate!”

The team at HiveTree conceptualised, designed and built the unique office space. We then added custom branding including wall art, signage and vinyls. It was all designed to be in keeping with the Marginal Gains’ brand guidelines and colours.

Marginal Gains are currently recruiting for various roles within the organisation as part of their growth strategy. They have secured a host of large contracts both in Newcastle and the rest of the UK. Although they offer a national service, Marginal Gains are keen to stick to their North East roots. They are proud of their friendly, approachable yet professional background.

We see the future looking bright for Marginal Gains. Projections for upcoming years are anticipated to be very strong. Once targets are reached, there are plans are in place for the expansion of the office in Newcastle. A 12 person office already earmarked.

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