HiveTree welcomes Loosedays to their new office space in Newcastle

office space in Newcastle

Loosedays are the biggest events promotions company in the North East. Their new office space in Newcastle from HiveTree perfectly showcases their achievements.

Custom designed to be a vibrant, inspiring and captivating place to work, the Loosedays’ office space in Newcastle is truly unique. Featuring custom desks and seating, foliage walls, and wall mounted displays. There’s illuminated signage, a full size pool table and much more. Because of all of these features, the space is inviting and cool for staff and visitors alike.

The 1000+ sq ft space is divided up into a main shared working space, a board room and directors’ office. There’s a storage room, and even a private shower room. It features a kitchenette and fully branded hall way. We have individually designed each room, with inspiration taken from The Wolf Of Wallstreet movie, business leaders, and even Pablo Escobar. We’ve put a quirky spin on the usual boring corporate office space in Newcastle.

Steven Bamford, Director at Loosedays told us.: “As a nightlife and events promotions company it’s important that our office represents our brand. But it also needs to be a fun and exciting place to work from. HiveTree has done an amazing job in creating our space.”

“So our staff (and even clients) love coming into our office because we designed the open plan space for socialising. Our partitioned desks are perfect for getting your head down and putting the hard work in. Our office strikes a perfect balance. The smart tech features add a whole new dimension to our productivity.”

The office features Alexa and Google Home integrations. This gives complete control of the lighting, music, TV screens, heating and security cameras. Unlike most other office space in Newcastle, HiveTree provides unmatched super fast 1Gbps internet speed for each tenant. Because of this, we built our offices with future expandability in mind. So this means we can upgrade all of our tech in the future.

If you’re looking for your own anti-corporate office space in Newcastle, contact HiveTree today and book a tour of our business hub.