Grow your company at HiveTree with inspiring offices to rent in Newcastle

HiveTree is a ground breaking new business hub. It has been developed with growing businesses in mind. Here’s how HiveTree is championing local businesses with inspirational offices to rent in Newcastle.

HiveTree’s business centre provides a range of high-end offices to rent in Newcastle. With so much development in the city, now is the best time to relocate your company. We have office space available for 6 to 60 people. There’s even a fully bespoke design service in which tenants can spec their own space. HiveTree are attracting some of the biggest and brightest new companies. Names such as Pockit, Edge Agency and Dollicious, are all now located in the business hub.

HiveTree’s mission is to help businesses in Newcastle to succeed. We do this by providing them with new opportunities and flexible terms. By building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders, HiveTree is bringing people together. The businesses under our roof can share ideas, collaborate, and inspire each other by working together.

Building a community

HiveTree is attracting a creative community. We do this by offering stunning offices to rent in Newcastle. Our offices are full of high-end technology, quirky spaces and uniquely designed rooms. We caught up with project Director Brian Austin: “We wanted to build something truly unique with inspiring spaces. Because of this, we promote growth and development within Newcastle’s business community.”

“We designed the office spaces with expansion in mind. Because of our flexible leases and rental terms, we’ve created a space where growing businesses can thrive. They don’t have to worry about outgrowing their office.”

Future proof offices to rent in Newcastle

We designed each of our offices with future expansion in mind. From modular furniture to LED signage and super fast internet speeds. Featuring the latest smart technology, tenants can control every aspect of their office. We have provided access to lighting, music, to heating and security access. As a result, we give our tenants completed control. Our team strategically placed access points, along with a number of energy saving measures. This helps to keep running costs to a minimum.

What’s next for HiveTree

There are several phases of development for the HiveTree offices. Two new floors are currently being refurbished, and even more planed for the future. Once completed there will be around 30 offices to rent in Newcastle. Once completed, they will be available at competitive rates, with a range of unmatched facilities.

So, if you’re interested in bespoke offices to rent in Newcastle, get in touch with HiveTree today. Interested parties can now book a tour at our city centre business hub.