HiveTree collaborates with Edge Agency to build the most creative offices to let in Newcastle

We’ve collaborated with Edge Agency, a creative design agency, to complete all branding, marketing, online strategy and interior design for HiveTree.

The collaboration has seen the production of some of the most creative and unique offices to let in Newcastle. They are quickly filling up with some of the brightest new businesses in the city.

Edge Agency is Newcastle best-known and trusted design agency. They have made a name for themselves as one of the prominent startups in Newcastle. Having worked with big brands such as Coca-Cola and Porsche, their client list is constantly growing. Under the artistic eye of Creative Director Keith Charlton, they were able to transform our city centre listed building. As a result our offices to let in Newcastle will soon be home to even more ambitious businesses.

Edge Agency have perfectly captured the unique nature of our offices to let in Newcastle. They have made expert use of vibrant colours and artwork. The branding components take inspiration from the concept of a beehive. HiveTree offers workspaces like no other in the city, and is attracting the local creative community.

More HiveTree offices are under development, with impressive plans for each floor of the historical building. Thanks to Edge Agency, our offices to let in Newcastle are all equipped with excellent facilities. The stunning interior design differs with each individual space, and no two offices are the same! We offer competitive rates and inspiring design features. We also have a bespoke design service. This mates HiveTree the perfect place to house your team.

So, if you’re looking for offices to let in Newcastle, contact HiveTree today. We can discuss our existing spaces, or a more personalised space for your business.