HiveTree converts office space in Newcastle for Dollicious makeup studio’s relocation to the city

Dollicious are an established and well known makeup and beauty salon, formerly based in Jesmond. HiveTree has converted a prime office into a stunning bespoke beauty studio.

Over the years, Dollicious has amassed a huge list of famous clients. These include reality TV stars, models and social media influencers. We knew it was important that the new studio was an exciting and relaxing place to visit. It needed to be vibrant ‘instagramable’ so that clients would take pictures and share them on social media. The team at HiveTree completely renovated the empty office space in Newcastle, turning it into a unique studio.

Bold use of pink was used in almost every aspect of the design. This goes for the seating, the walls and even the flamingos! State of the art neon lighting illuminates the custom made sign and highlights sections of each room. Alexa and Google Home control the lighting, music and heating. This results in a fully customisable space.

The converted office space in Newcastle features 3 rooms. A reception area welcomes guests with a 55” wall mounted UHD 4K TV (which is of course backlit with pink LEDs). This leads on to an aesthetics room, and then the main studio.

Dollicious owner Lisa Elgey said: “When we decided to relocate into the city centre, we struggled to find the right place in the right location. When HiveTree offered to convert part of their office space in Newcastle into a fully personalised space, we loved the idea. We have all the benefits of a fully serviced office but with a beautifully customised studio. It’s in the heart of the city centre, and really easy to get to. Our clients love the new studio, and everyone wants to come and see us!”

If you would like your own fully customised office space, contact HiveTree today. And our team will be happy to help.